I remember a time when the women of Royalty were kind of stuffy, but this generation has decided to turn up the heat!

We are a few weeks removed from the Royal Wedding, but for some reason the media still seems to be obsessed.  Surfacing on the internet now are photos of Kate Middleton and her super hot sister Pipa in bikinis.  Do yourself a favor and check out the photos.  William is one lucky guy.

This got me thinking about all the other royal hotties that are all over the world.  England has some but Sweden, Jordan and Monaco are doing their part to keep our eye candy supply open as well.  The really cool thing is when you find a royal family that has spawned two royal hotties.  Such is the case with Princess Madeline and Beatrice of York.  They are absolutely gorgeous, and curvy to boot!  Can you say junk in the trunk?  We also have two pretty hot sisters that represent Sweden as well, Princess Madeline and Victoria are always looking good.  One of the hottest ladies of royalty is Queen Rania of Jordan. Exotic beauty at it's best.

It really is too bad that we don't have any royal women here in the states.  I have yet to see a President with a hot wife or daughter.  Here's hoping that John McCain decides to run again because his lady is quite the cougar.