Wow, that's a title ehh? Well, that's exactly what happened in Round Lake. Theresa Marchione, a 20 year Round Lake librarian was recently fired after she closed the library an hour early due to Tornado Warnings that had recently riddled the Albany area. But it gets better. 

-The board of trustees should have been there protecting Theresa

-The punishment did not meet the crime. The punishment of being fired after a first time offense is hard and unjust

-I don't respect you, you should leave

While Mrs. Marchione didn't feel comfortable attending her daughter had these words to say on her behalf.

She doesn't feel comfortable. She's worried that she will somehow get in trouble. She doesn't have attorneys on her side

Even Round Lake Village Mayor Dixie Lee Sacks attended the town hall style meeting to voice her concern:

I'd hate to see our little library go down hill and I really really hope you make the right decision.

Town residents also called for a look into Library Termination policies with Library Board Trustees saying earlier in the night that it needed another week of investigating before a permanent decision could be made.

I'm sorry, another week to determine if this woman can have her job back? Huh, what, huh huh? This woman did what any sane person would do, close up shop and head for the hills. Craziness I tell ya, craziness.