Over the weekend in Tampa Bay, FL a Gun Exchange was held and for whatever the reason, 2 separate rocket launchers were exchanged at 2 separate locations. Even worse? No question was asked.

Roughly 2,500 weapons were turned in during the exchange which saw the exchanger receive $75 cash and tickets to either the Tampa Bay Rays baseball or Tampa Bay Lightning hockey teams.

"Operation Gun Swap" had an overwhelming turn out that in fact the deputies at each of the locations ran out of money and tickets. Police handed out vouchers that were good for both cash and tickets to those still waiting to turn theirs in.

The rocket launchers though? Bomb Squads were called in to each of the locations where the 2 were turned in out to ensure they weren't loaded.

I want to know what the police said to the people swamping the launchers. How do you go "OH, here put your rocket launcher over there and here is your cash" while not asking a single question as to where, why, or how.

Scary to think people might have hiding in their house ain't it?