There are over 40 bands scheduled for this years Rock on the Range so I want to give you a game plan so that you don't feel overwhelmed.

So we are a little over a month away from 2011's Rock on the Range in Columbus, Ohio.  This has turned into one of the biggest rock music festivals out there and every year the acts get bigger and bigger, not mention more bands want to play. This year on the first day alone you have 20 bands ready to go and over 20 on the second day.  Things can get a bit crazy at these music festivals, and with three stages it can be hard to get to where you want to be to see the bands.

You won't want to miss a second of the action, but there are always those bands that you have to see.  You can do what some people do and camp out in front of the stage so you can get a nice glimpse of your favorite rockers crotch when they finally come out later that day, or you can do what I do and sacrifice that front spot for some seats further back while enjoying all three stages of this event.  With all the talent on the table you don't want to be stuck in one spot.  So if you were with me these are the bands that we would be checking out on day one.

Jagermeister Stage:

P.O.D - Now these guys have been out of the spot light for a little bit but if you enjoy that Southern California Rapcore sound they bring, they are still doing it better than most.  I like that they didn't change like some of the other bands of the genre.   They do an awesome live performance, so you won't want to miss it.

Egypt Central - You just saw these guys at the Cold show and there was an overwhelming response to their performance at Northern Lights. Our own Nick Lee got to sit down with the band before they hit the stage, check that out here.

FYE Stage:

Escape the Fate - I love Escape the Fate and have seen them several times. They are what I would call modern day glam rock. They mix punk together with metal licks, and it's just an awesome feel.

Trust Company - These guys were pretty big back on the hard rock circuit back in the early 2000's but took a break in 2005. They are back and doing it all over again. I love the aggression they bring and also the melodic harmonies they will switch to right from a huge scream.

Monster Energy Stage:

Alter Bridge - I don't think I need to say much to get you to check out these guys.  They are gigantic in rock right now and Myles Kennedy is one of the top vocalists in rock.  he has to be since Slash wants him to do work with him.  Plus you have Mark Tremonti who is one of the best guitar players live or in studio.

KoRn - Loud, fast, heavy. Pretty much everything you are looking for when you go to big rock festival. Korn goes out on stage and tears it up every single time. You'll want your attention focused on that stage when Jonathan Davis brings out the bag pipes and they start into 'Shoots and Ladders'. Korn will will be an awesome highlight of your time at Rock on the Range for sure.

Rock on the Range is going to be huge this year and you're going to want to be there. You can get your 2 day passes on the Rock on the Range website but you may want to hurry because general admission field passes are already sold out!  Don't worry though because Q103 has your tickets, you just have to be listening to win!  So crank up the Q and get ready to rock this May!