Sully Erna, front man from Godsmack is sometimes misunderstood.  I don't know how people can say this - Sully is driven and successful at just about everything he does.  He is a perfectionist.  How can you not be, he runs one of the biggest bands in rock music.  Godsmack will be the headliner at the Q103 Q-Ruption August 19th at SPAC and I was able to talk to him not only about the upcoming show and the band, but other things you may not know about him.  You will be for a real treat when you go to the Q103 Q-Ruption August 19th at SPAC.   Sully said that when Godsmack takes the stage be ready for pure raw rock!  I cannot wait including a special version of the dueling drums.

In the 15 minutes that I got to talk to this talented musician;  he plays drums- since he was 3 years old, also harmonica, piano, and guitar. Sully shared with me some things that people may not know about him.  When not fronting Godsmack, working in the studio or performing is a devoted father to his daughter.   That is his number one priority.

My favorite thing to do is spend time with my daughter, have fun as a kid and rinse away all the adult responsibilities that make my mind crazy.  That quiet time for me is my most precious time.
Sully Erna

Sully stated that he loves to ride motorcycles, and playing poker, does a lot of martial arts  and sports training.  He sums it up in one simple sentence.

I like to stay in shape, keep my mind clear and spend time with my family.
Sully Erna

Sully is a big big poker player and very successful at it.  No Limit Hold Em is his game and says that luck is a big part of winning.  Playing in the first two World Series of Poker tournaments Sully found success and came in the top 3% of the 2nd year.  He also took 2nd place on the World Poker Tour with J.C. Tran and took in almost $400,000! Very Impressive.

Sully grew up Italian, his whole family is Italian, has been around a stove his whole life and knows his way around the kitchen.  His last girlfriend was from Venice and her family still lives in Italy. They dont speak that much English.   Through his family and hers, he has developed some real good recipes. He cooks everything including his own pasta, and desserts.

Born and raised in Boston makes Sully a diehard Boston sports fan and always will be.  He is everything Boston.  He's been going to the Bruins games since he was four years old, loves the Patriots - in fact he sang the National Anthem at a Patriots game, loves the Red Sox and is a self proclaimed HUGE Celtics fan.

I am diehard Boston, I have no other reason to choose any other team and what a decade we have had!
Sully Erna

We bonded talking NFL and about the New England Patriots.  I am a Patriot season ticket holder and we both really love the additions the Patriots made this off season with Chad Ochocinco and Albert Haynesworth.   It's going to be an amazing season with Ocho, Welker, Branch, and then Haynesworth. We shared the hatred for the dreaded Jets too.

To hear more of my conversation with Sully Erna concerning Godsmack, Nikki Sixx, his solo tour, and the Godsmack performance at Q-Ruption, listen to Q103 at 103.5 & 1039 or online Monday August 8th at 12:30pm during the workforce request lunch hour.   Go Rock Yourself!