It's a sad day for all the pervs in the City of Angels when coordinators hosting an annual Adultcon gathering pull two shows next year due to other numerous sex-related events.

Looks like things are getting a little too hot in LA now that those in charge of putting together Adultcon have decided to nix two of the three shows slated for next year. If you ask the organizers of the show, they'll tell you they opted to reduce the number of shows because too many "confuse the public and are bad business." Since when has sex ever not helped sell anything? Sex is one of the oldest businesses in the book, so to argue that less is more in this case is just absolutely absurd, not to mention lame.

Along with Adultcon, two other sex-shows are planned at the center within months of each other; those two being: Exxxotica and Everything to Do With Sex Show. In all three, porn stars mingle with fans, speakers offer advice at seminars, and sex-toys are available for purchase. Sounds pretty profitable to me. Since Adultcon will see approximately 30,000 people with its three shows this year, chances are they'd see similar numbers for the same amount next year. Why split your profit margin because you're afraid of a little competition? Isn't that the nature of business? To compete and see who comes out on top (pun completely intended)?

I've never had the pleasure to attend one of these functions myself; but something tells me there are no lack of pervs out there willing to shell out cash to get a picture with Ginger Lee (assuming she's opts out of retirement). It's simple math, more shows = more money. It's especially true when concerning one of the more "upstanding" programs in the business. If you're going to cancel a show like this, do it for reasons that actually make sense, not because you're afraid of the new guy. Some people just like more experience after all.