Just because you have a permit to have the gun, doesn't mean you can take it inside of a school.

Police arrested Pierre Jeune on Monday for displaying a concealed weapon to school officials at the Doane Stuart School on Washington Avenue.

Jeune entered the private school, where his child attends, to look for a person he had a fender bender with a week prior. Jeune wanted to speak to the person whom he felt owned him money for the damages.

Jeune talked with school officials at which point he, allegedly  lifted his sweater to reveal the weapon he was carrying.

One of the officials called police while Jeune got in to his truck and left the property. Police contacted him via his cell phone asking him to return to the school. Jeune agreed to return and was arrested upon doing so.

All of this resulted in the school being on lock down until Jeune returned. According to officials, the students were never in harm but the lock down was a precaution.

Juene is due in court on March 13th for charges of fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon.