The Latham Circle Mall has become a piece of local culture ever since it started it's spiral of decline and became an infamous 'dead mall' - well, now it's really dead - gone. Many people who work here hold a special love for this unfortunate mall, as our studios were once located on the upper level. Actually there were a lot of things that used to be there, like stores, people, you know - stuff.We found some photos on flickr  that people have shared of the mall and wanted to share a gallery with you as the last pieces of rubble are being hauled away. [CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON TO CHECK OUT THE SLIDESHOW]

Some of the stores that we remember from the mall include Caldor (which replaced Grand Union), Malt River Brewing Co, Rex Electronics, Foot Locker, Kay Bee Toy + Hobby (the sign in the mall actually had it spelled out), Old Country Buffet, CVS, and more. What stores do you remember being at the Latham Circle Mall?