I swear that's not my food.

Movie theaters have had some tragic events as of late. The largest chain of theaters in our area is taking a pro-active step. Regal Cinemas will now be checking bags. That's really as detailed as we know. Will everyone's bag be checked? No clue, not even CBS6 is getting an answer, and they have more good questions as well.

I don't make it out to the movies very often anymore. Maybe it's my busy schedule, or that whole being poor thing and movie ticket prices increasingly going up. Actually, I think it's more or less that I have to leave the house. There are some incredibly viable options to watch movies from home, and some really nice tvs and stereo equipment to go with it. Now I'm not saying I have better picture and sound than a theater, but I do think more about whether a movie is worth seeing in a theater. "The Hobbit" trilogy? You bet your ass. Something less epic or action oriented? Maybe not.

Will this affect my decision? Not really. I already try to bring as little with me into the movies as it is, mostly so I won't forget anything. Most Regal Cinemas are in malls, and many of those malls you will drive to, which means you could put your bags in the car. I know this will affect the ladies a little bit more, but honestly this already happens with some premiers to weed out people video'ing the movie.