On Feb. 20, Comedian Jim Jeffries returned to Albany for a show at The Egg.

For those who have never been to a comedy show, typical etiquette for an audience member is to sit back, laugh, and enjoy. You don't want to be 'that guy/girl' who is loud and obnoxious resulting in the comedian making fun of you, especially if you are drunk.

Well, Jim happened upon a drunk woman in the crowd that had passed out on her boyfriend's shoulder and that's when the fun started to happen.

Jim stopped mid routine to ask 'Is She Ok?' Her boyfriend began to speak on her behalf until she woke from her slummer and became 'that girl.' In fact, she told her boyfriend the he doesn't speak for her (ouch).

From this point on for the next 20 minutes or so Jim would attempt to carry a conversation with the woman, whom he named 'Jacket' after her three failed attempts to announce her name. We would find out that 'Jacket' is a dietitian who was in attendance with her boyfriend and brother.

Like any comedian, Jim made joke after joke about Jacket and she seemed to not get the hint to stop talking. During all this, Jacket's boyfriend left the room and didn't return to the theater for the remainder of the show.

Jim would return to his routine, promising that what had just happened wasn't going to take away from the time he had on stage. Jim would wrap up with telling a story about a South African trip where his seat was downgraded thanks to Neil Diamond's band.

Before saying good night, Jim returned to Jacket who was pretty much laying down between the seat her boyfriend once resided in and her own. Jim returned to making jokes at Jacket and her brother's expense. Her brother took much offense to these comments and the crowd laughing at his family's expense that he attempt to jump up on stage following the show.

Last I saw, Jacket's brother was being detained and thankfully didn't make it to Jim. No word on what happened after this.

At the end of the day, remember it's comedy and if you take offense to people making jokes at your expense - don't go to the show, let alone show up drunk to one.