Why is it when creepy Ukrainian men kiss sleeping girls its called “art” but when I do it they call it “date rape”?

[huff] Double standards suck, and this wacky real life sleeping beauty crap needs to be retitled to “whore lips”. This is less of an art installation as it is a whole new level of sad. Look at the amount of creeps lining up to kiss a completely unexpecting stranger. Do they really think they are going to have the magic in their lips to wake this chick up and make her their bride?

How about the self-esteem drop after you don’t succeed? You know not one single guy kisses her and isn’t crushed when she doesn’t wake up. I think I’d be the only guy thrilled she doesn’t wake up. If she wakes up you have to marry her! That is reason enough for me NOT to kiss her. For get all the risk of herpes, I just don’t want to be stuck with this chick for a wife.

PS: These dudes should just whisper how much money they make right before they kiss her. Or, if they really want to wake her up, they should use the method I use when I want sex in the middle of the night. No kissing involved, nothing says “Hey wake up” like a good old fashion poke to the lower back.