When you're in high school you can't wait to graduate.  Being a senior means you have to be ready to pull a prank. You would never guess it would lead to this though.

It's a shame that people can't appreciate a good prank.  Over two dozen of students are now finding themselves suspended because of a harmless senior prank, and one staff member of the school has found herself without a job.  It doesn't really seem fair, especially since they got permission to do the prank.

According to the Albany Times Union, the students had the permission from the custodial staff and a school board member.  They wanted to do a memorable prank, but keep it safe.  Post-it notes seem pretty harmless.  Not to these stuffy shirted a-holes.

There were 29 students involved in the prank were suspended for 'being in school after hours'.  How stupid is that?  Just because someone can't take a joke?  It could have been a lot worse.   The school is even trying to say it was a safety issue.  Please.  The punishment seems like more of a joke than the actual joke.