Be ready for a Q-Ruption! The summer's only rock festival is Friday August 19th at SPAC starring Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch, Skillet, Sick Puppies, Egypt Central plus local band Play for the Stage winner: Selfish Needy Creatures. The parking lot opens at 4pm, gates are at 5pm. What time does your favorite band hit the stage? We have the set times.The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning show host the Q103 Q-Ruption.

Selfish Needy Creatures  5:25-5:40pm.
Egypt Central 5:55-6:15pm.
Sick Puppies 6:35-7:10pm.
Skillet 7:35-8:15pm.
Five Finger Death Punch 8:40-9:30pm.
Godsmack 10-11:30pm.

For more information regarding the Q103 Q-Ruption.
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Weather forecast calls for a chance of Thunderstorms, so please be prepared.

See you at the show! Go Rock Yourself at 1035 & 1039!