You’re one and only New Year’s resolution should be to see this party peacock in action. And to kick off the year 2013, if you live near Troy, NY, that resolution is very achievable.

In December 2012 I finally had the opportunity to stay in the Albany area and wrestle. Now, on January 13th, 2013, I’ll have any shot at it for 787 Pro wrestling. I want to invite the Q103 audience to come check out the show, not just so I can show you my fancy bright colored tights and oily muscles, but I want people who have never seen an independent wrestling show to experience the fun and excitement of being a part of a small intimate setting in the world of professional wrestling.

The fun and difference between a smaller wrestling show vs. the big fancy shows on TV is simple. On TV you see great action, bright lights and a whole lot of flash. If you come check me out at 787 Pro wrestling you will be a part of the show, sit closer to the action than you have ever imagined, have the ability to cheer or boo whoever you choose. If you don’t like something you see and you want people to know about it you can voice it and people will hear.

I’m not saying the world of pro wrestling is for everyone but I am saying everyone should give it a shot. Above all if you are a fan of Q103 and no, nothing about wrestling, then maybe come check out what your afternoon party peacock (that’s me) does just about every weekend.