This morning, Q-Tease Amanda and I will be on our way to Columbus, Ohio for the weekend to do coverage at Rock on the Range at Crew Stadium. The event features over 40 bands on three stages over the course of the weekend and we will be interviewing all of them.

We have been preparing for this for a month! We divided all of the bands up and researched each band to get some background information on them for the interviews. I used my special "band" notebook and wrote notes and questions for each band. Being over prepared is better than not being prepared enough!

We have a ten hour drive ahead of us- a little grueling but I'm sure we'll make the best of it and it will go by fast. We'll listen to music and take turns driving and stop here and there to fill up the car and our tummies. The gas is about 40 cents cheaper in Ohio too, so that's a big plus!

Friday night four bands will kick off the weekend- Hells Bells, Black Tide, Foxy Shazam and Hairball. The remainder of the bands will be split between Saturday and Sunday. View the entire line-up and schedule here.

In addition to blogging for Q103, our material will also be featured on Loudwire's website, so be sure to check both sites often throughout the weekend and feel free to share the articles via Facebook, Twitter and whatever other social media tool you use. If you can't be in Ohio physically, then let us bring the show to you. We will be back in town Monday evening, so it's sure to be one crazy, but fun weekend.

Who are you most excited to hear about?