With McDonald's filming commercials in Albany and a bison goring a dude, a professional spanker 'accepting applications' seems like natural progression for our thriving city, no!?

Thanks to Metroland i stumbled across this beauty:

'Laura Lake is currently accepting applications from naughty adults that need help with structure and boundaries. Spanking brats for over twenty years.'

Think you need help with structure and boundaries? Think you can handle getting your butt torn up with a paddle? If you answered yes, you need to check out Ms. Laura's website HERE

My friends, click that link and take a look at Ms. Laura's work. She ain't messing around! She's going to light you up like a Christmas tree. Your rear-end will rival Clark Griswold's house in Christmas vacation.

I don't know what motivates people to seek out structure and boundaries via Kitten and her paddle, but let me tell you: I NEED TO KNOW!! Kitten, get back to me baby-doll!