Joe and Steve made it over to London, England with no problems, that is until they decided to rent a car to get to their hotel.

It's day one of Producer Joe's British invasion and he is already off to a fantastic start.  Instead of taking a 90 minute ride on a shuttle to their hotel, Producer Steve wanted to rent a car.  he then proceeded to get them lost for the better part of 3 hours.  They finally got to the place and then headed right back out to explore the magical land of England.

Already one day in a Joe is making all kinds of friends. He decided to go meet a man already camped out in front of Buckingham Palace because he wants a good seat for the Royal Wedding on Friday.  A classic Joe moment, he lays down beside the man to spoon him in front of all the London press.  This is poised to be an epic adventure just like the Lindsay Lohan freedom trip and Joe's visit to Gary, Indiana on the one year anniversary of Micheal Jackson's death.  I look forward to all of Joe's updates from the United Kingdom!