Donny Ooton On Q103:

After I heard that the International Olympic Committee cut the sport of wrestling I was shocked. I’ve come to an acceptance that I may never make it to the Olympic level of wrestling but can not help but to feel angry about this decision. I view wrestling of any style (Folk, Free style or Greco roman) to be they best sport on the planet. And when I read on USA Today that the IOC decided to drop it I felt extreme disappointment for the young and wrestlers of the future who may never have the dream or vision of becoming an Olympic champion.

I invited my college team mate Donny Ooton who has wrestled for his entire life on the program to discuses the issue. Donny still trains in wrestling and currently competes a pro MMA fighter for MMA Institute. Ooton and I have competed in high profile contest such as the NCAA Nationals, the World team trials and world champion ships and I know he would be able to paint a picture of what this decision might do for the future of wrestling.

"I don’t think it’s going to be a good future… wrestling is not a professional sport you don’t make any money…" - DO

"This sport is all about shutting up that little voice in your head" - DO

"Now that it’s (Wrestling) no longer an Olympic sport I think it’s going to have a trickle effect" - DO





by Tony Rotundo

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