Recently photos surfaced of one of Englands favorite sons. Prince Harry let the beast out of the cage, here in the States.

TMZ has exclusize photos of Prince Harry getting a little bit wild. Let's just say he isn't all that shy. While vacationing in Las Vegas, Harry's mates - London lingo - took some pictures of him in the buff. Judging from the pictures, he doesn't live up to his name. We might just start calling him smooth Harry instead.

Fortunately for you, this will be one of the questions asked tonight at Smarter Than a Q-Tease Trivia at the Lager House in Latham. We'll be doing trivia from 7p-9p with the Q103 Q-tease. Do your self a favor and try the pizza - you won't regret it.

For your second cheater question: Which 'Avengers' actor was recently injured on the set of 'Iron Man 3'?

Answer: Robert Downey Jr