Not a big fan of going to the grocery store?  Would you rather you just put together a list, and let someone else do all the hard work for you?  Well then Price Chopper and ShopRite have just thing for you.

If you are like us, then you hate meaningless tasks like grocery shopping and laundry.  For years we have at least been able to bring our clothes to the dry cleaners, but we have never really been able to figure out how to have someone else do our grocery shopping since Mom made us move out of the basement.

Upstate NY, you are in luck!  Price Chopper now offers a couple stores right in the Albany area that do all the shopping for you.  It's called Shops4U, and basically you just throw together a list online, and, for a small fee, someone else will go get your groceries for you.  That leaves us plenty of extra time for Nintendo!

Currently the stores in the Albany area offering the feature are Niskayuna and Westgate, and you have to live in the specified area in order for them to deliver it to you.  So it's not exactly everywhere, but we are getting to it.

The ShopRite in Niskayuna will let you order online and pick up at the store for no fee, and if you want it delivered they will bring it to you. It's called Shop From Home. If it's over $50 (and lets be honest, you can't escape the grocery store these days without spending more than that), they waive the delivery fee.  Obviously, you have to live within the area they deliver, but they have a much wider area than Price Chopper.

Now if only science would hurry along with the beer delivering robot, we would be in heaven.