Just days after the terrible attack in Aurora, Colorado, a man decided he would try an mimic those actions. He's now in custody, and no one was hurt.

Many feared that there could be copycat shooters after the Colorado shooting, and those fears turned out to be real. After hearing about the Aurora incident, Police say that Timothy Courtois attempted to do the same exact thing.

He was pulled over on the Maine Turnpike on Sunday morning, and had an AK-47 in the car with him. Courtois also bought a brand new Mustang, which he planned to modify to be able to outrun the cops. Also in his car were several newspaper clippings about the Colorado shooting.

When the Police searched his home they found many more weapons, including a machine gun and enough ammunition for a small army. The guns they found in his car were the same guns that James Holmes used in the Colorado shooting.

Thank God the Police got to this guy before anyone got hurt.