We are coming up on the one year anniversary of the debut of 'Onyx,' the third full-length album from Michigan quintet Pop Evil. In honor of having three full records the band commemorated by releasing a video trilogy that included singles "Trenches," "Deal With The Devil" and "Behind Closed Doors," which just made its release today. The third and final part of the trilogy can be seen below.

Onyx features the following:

1. "Goodbye My Friend"
2. "Deal with the Devil"
3. "Trenches"
4. "Torn to Pieces"
5. "Divide"
6. "Beautiful"
7. "Silence & Scars"
8. "Sick Sense"
9. "Fly Away"
10. "Behind Closed Doors"
11. "Welcome to Reality"
12. "Flawed"

The video was directed by Johan Carlen: