Pop Evil dropped their new album "Onyx" this week, featuring the Q103 smash 'Trenches',  and took the stage at Rock on the Range on Saturday, May 17th to play the new music for a packed house of 32,000 plus.

Leigh and Davey swung by our table in Media Row to chat a few minutes about the new album, the music video trilogy for 'Onyx', and some of the history of the band.

Leigh started off by saying

Just really been amazing this ride so far. The album hasn't been out a week and the response has been off the charts. We feel so blessed about it.


We really do feel this is the next step for us. It seems like it's headed in the right direction of where we want to take this band.

I asked about how bands chose what songs to play live as some songs on an album never get played in any sets. Davey responded by saying:

When you go to the making of the CD, you gotta look at it differently then the live show-wise. When it comes to the live show you want to take them on a roller coaster ride that might be different than the album. It's hard to pick but at the end of the day we still love all the material we love and hopefully everybody can appreciate that.

The song "Trenches" had a video released recently and the video is actually Part Three of a trilogy. Yes, they are releasing the story in reverse order. What are the next two singles? Neither Leigh or Davey would actually say, so we will just have to wait.

You don't have to wait to hear the entire interview though, check it out below.