Surrey Police are sending some holiday cheer and reminder serial offenders that they are on their "naughty list" with a series of Christmas cards. The cards are also to remind the recipients the consequences if they re-offend during the holidays.

One card apart of the "Operation Candlelight" reads "Remember we know who you are and where you live. If you persist in criminal activity we will hunt you down and we will lock you up."

The campaign is also aimed at helping to reinforce the fact that folks need to be vigilant over the holiday season to ensure they are not on the "hit list" for those offenders. There is also radio advertisements about burglary prevention have taken the airwaves.

A longer list of prevention can be found HERE.

Police in Abbotsford, Canada joined in on the fun sending a gun-totting Santa greeting card to "gangsters" (seen below) asking "What List Will They Be On?".

Surrey Police / Metro UK


Abbotsford Police Department