The LAPD went to Charlie Sheen's home last night in response to a call they got that he may harm himself with a fire arm.

TMZ reported this late last night, and it proved to be much of nothing.   Sheen's attorney said that the police were investigating a search warrant based on a complaint made by an unknown persons.  Apparently someone told the police that Sheen was in possession of fire arms which, according to RadarOnline, is a direct violation of his temporary restraining order.

There was a whole lot of speculation as to what was going to happen to Sheen, but the Police said they had no intention of arresting him in any way.  It's reported that 5 LAPD cruisers pulled up outside of Sheen's Sherman Oaks, CA home and a police helicopter was seen flying over head.  So soemthing tells me they thought something was up.

Nothing came of the whole thing and they didn't find any fire arms except for a rifle which dated back to 1800's, and i don't think he is going to be doing much damage with that.  After the incident Sheen took to Twitter.

the LAPD were AWESOME. Absolute pros! they can protect and serve this Warlock anytime!!!

-Charlie Sheen via Twitter

If you aren't following Charlie Sheen on Twitter you should be.  Both my brother and Q-Tease Amanda are following him and say it's one of the most entertaining things they have done.