70 Wall Street protesters  were arrested early this morning by NYC police when they wouldn't leave Zuccotti Park so it could be cleaned.

New York City officials had asked the Occupy Wall Street protesters to relocate themselves so that the park that they were staying in could be cleaned.  Health concerns and safety were the issues, but protesters refused to leave.  70 of them remained and one group chained themselves together in Zuccotti Park and refused to leave, so the police exercised their right to remove them.

The park had to be cleared by 4:30a according to Paul Brown, a spokesperson for the NYC Police.  When the 70 people decided that they wouldn't leave they were taken into custody.   They also added that many of the protesters left the park peacefully.

Many notices were given that the park needed to be cleaned due to the growing health and safety concerns.  They were asked to leave, and when the didn't the police removed them.