Well Happy Monday! Ready to be creeped right the f--- out?  And yes, this is straight out of a movie. I'd like to welcome 'Petman' to the world. See, Petman is a humanoid robot developed by our friends at Boston Dynamics. Petman is certainly lifelike, and wears camo as well as any soldier in combat. Oh, Petman has a pet too! Although, I'm not sure he knows it, yet...

Did I mention that Petman and Boston Dynamics are funded by the DOD? Oh yes, our friends and neighbors can sit at ease knowing that the Department of Defense is funding a project aimed at creating a life like robot capable of regulating it's sweat, detecting chemicals through it's suit and god knows what else.

No worries though- I'm sure Petman is no where near walking around our streets or monitoring us from a far. We have drones for that.