PETA can sometimes have interesting and creative ways of promoting humane animal acts, but this one takes the cake by far. In downtown Toronto blue and pink dancing condoms were seen on the street promoting spaying and neutering for dogs and cats. Watch the video after the jump.

I thought the costumes looked more like shots or bottles, but they are fuzzy-colored condoms holding signs that say spay and neuter your pets.

It might be comical, but the facts are clear- every year thousands of unwanted animals are euthanized and it's a tragedy that the population of cats and dogs has gotten so out of control. It's a sin that these innocent and beautiful gifts from God are given such a fate, but it's a reality and we should be taking charge and being responsible for our pets. Please get your dogs and cats fixed so we can get this problem under control.

What do you think of PETA's tactic? Will it be effective or not?