Only in New York!  Three performance artists were escorted to jail earlier this morning after crowds gathered to witness gratuitous nudity on Wall Street.  Begging the question, did anything other than stocks rise today?

Nothing like a case of public nudity to start your work week off right.  That's just what all the early-bird brokers and investors got this morning on Wall Street as three performance artists executed a new piece by artist Zefrey Throwell.  The event, called "Ocularpation: Wall Street" saw participants acting as traders, janitors, and secretaries (OH MY!) being all artistic in the buff.  The article that first presented the story didn't get into pesky things like content or meaning to the piece, but instead concentrated on the crowd's reaction to the performance.

One veteran coffee-cart vendor likened the experience to watching live porn, though he didn't necessarily think that was a bad thing.  Others thought they were watching a commercial being filmed given the amount of photographers and bystanders gawking on the sidewalk.  According to one witness, "the ladies were enjoying the guys.  The guys were enjoying the ladies.  People were laughing."  Reeeeeally?  Seems like this could turn into yet another fun case of performance art vs. porn, which is personally one of my favorite debates (not to mention probably the most entertaining one)!

Three of the performers were carted off the Tribeca where they received a summons for court.  No word on when the next peepshow performance will take place, but I'm sure tickets will go on sale faster than you can put your pants back on.