We live in a social that is 'attached at the hip' to technology. Our phones have become nearly a personal computer in the palm of our hands, we can do literally everything with it.

Sadly, some people don't know how to put down the phone even in the most intimate of time.

According to a new study in England, 5% of Brits actually checking their Facebook while having sex. Not before or after, but during!

But it gets worse. 15% said they 'would' answer the phone or respond to a text during sex as well. (How is that even possible?)

30% said they have experience their partner being 'distracted' during love making. While another 30% say technology is getting in the way of sexual relations. 60% of the 2,000 respondents say they play more with technology in bed then with their partner.

Sadly, men are twice as likely to be offender than women.

This just proves our obsession with technology is taking control of our everyday lives. It's bad enough we have to see pictures of everything you eat, but do I really need a status update on Facebook that you're getting it on? Is the sex that bad? Is that text or News Feed that important?