We've all heard stories upon stories of drug-addicted individuals who go to extreme lengths in order to support their habits. This, however has to be a first- a man steals lobsters and other marine-like meat to sell in exchange for drug money. No this is not a joke.

Charles Shumanis III, 47, of Allentown stole lobster and other related meat from supermarkets around his area. His intention was to sell them for cash. I don't know where he ever got such an idea, but it could cost his up to 25 years in prison.

It was reported that Shumanis got away with selling the lobsters and meat about three or four times, one which happened back in March and included a car-jacking.

He made as much as $350 in any one stealing/selling stint.

Shumanis pleaded guilty to retail theft and vehicle robbery charges, and it was recommended by the judge that he serve time in prison to get over his addiction. Maybe the law is different there but I think he should be forced to go to jail, don't you?