Most people might stick their pencils into an eclectic sharpener or hand crank like some sort of savage. Well David Rees of Beacon NY is the type of guy a civilized pencil owner would come to. David is an expert in the pencil sharpening world and he does it all by hand. And you might be asking “well how much does it cost to have this warlock of the graphite cast his whittling skills onto my writing utensil”? Try $35 a pencil!

All these years you might be thinking a college education and maybe a masters degree is the secret to making some serious cash, when in reality the answer was in your hand the whole time. Every time you scribbled in a circle on your scan-tron sheet David Reese was just counting dollars each time you dulled another pencil.

Sadly, this idea of hand sharpened pencils is not foreign to me. Any one who has dabbled in the art world might have herd of the importance of a perfectly sharpened pencil and this dude has mastered the crafted and cashed in big time. However according to fox news he wants out. Apparently sharpening other people’s pencils like some sort of wood elf all day no longer carries the kind of fulfillment it once did. its sad really because I just realized this guy lives not to far from here just south of Poughkeepsie and I have all these un-sharpened lame dull pencils! Rats!