Ask Hollywood for an original idea for a movie and this is what we get.

Last week it was announced there would be a 'Mrs. Doubtfire 2,' which means the sequel would take place 20 plus years after the original. I pleaded with Hollywood to come up with an original idea for a movie instead of remakes or sequels decades after the original. Be careful what you ask for I guess.

'Peeps: The Movie' is in fact happening. No, I'm not joking. It's supposed to a family-based movie much like that of 'Lego: The Movie.'

The plot is based around a peep who gets separated from his/her fellow peeps in a diorama at a peeps diorama contest. From there the adventure begins as the lonely peep travels through various fantasy worlds depicted in other dioramas to get back theirs.

Yep, somehow this is going to make for a 'good' 90 plus minute animated movie. No word on the release date but we can only guess it will be out in time for Easter next year.