Pantera fans want a reunion, doesnt mean its going to happen.  There have been rumors of guitarist Zakk Wylde playing with original members vocalist Philip H. Anselmo, bassist Rex Brown and drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott.

Pantera fans want a reunion so bad that they have set up a facebook page wanting a reunion that 1500 have joined. The Facebook Pantera Reunion Tour Cause wants to make it clear that they do not support the idea of replacing former lead guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott, for nobody could ever truly replace the late great guitar god.  Dimebag Darrell Abbott,  was killed on stage in December 2004.

Fans do support the idea of having someone step in Dime's place to do a one time only Pantera Reunion and play tribute to Abbott.   That rumor is former Ozzy guitarist and current Black Label Society guitarist Zakk Wylde.   Many fans feel that Zakk is the perfect choice to fill in for Dimebag.  He is the only one who can play similar, has the same attitute and be creative on the axe, besides Zakk was a close friend.

Here is the Facebook page to support the cause.  Vinnie Paul has said recently there will never be a Pantera reunion.  Somethings are just better left alone.  What do you think?