A Chicago based car sales man was given a bit of ultimatum when he came to work on Monday wearing his Green Bay Packers neck tie.  Take it off, or lose your job. He left it on. 

Packer fans across the country were over joyed on Sunday when the Packers beat their rival Chicago Bears in the NFC championship game, an are now moving over to the Super Bowl.  As a Philadelphia Eagle fan in the heart of New York Giant land I totally understand how tough it must be to be a Packer fan in Chicago.  John Stone decided to wear his Green Bay Packer neck tie to work at his Chicago area car dealership on Monday.  When he got there his boss told him to lose the tie, or lose his job.  Now it seems absurd that he would lose his job over something as stupid as that, but I guess some Chicago fans are pretty sore losers.  Stone chose to keep on the tie, and was asked to leave.

Now first of all, that seems like grounds for an wrongful termination lawsuit to me.  Second of all, how crazy must that boss be to fire a guy for wearing a packers neck tie?  Some people just shouldn't be in charge because obviously this guy lacks the maturity to run a business.  On top of that Stone told Chicago based news station WGN that he wore the tie in honor of his Grandmother who had recently passed away and was a life long Packers fan.

Stone wasn't unemployed for very long.  A GM of another Chicago based car dealership saw his interview on TV and felt sympathy for him.  He called Stone and hired him immediately.  So at least things worked out.  The douche bag who fired him is trying to make excuses now saying that his dealership has a relationship with the Chicago Bears and felt the tie was inappropriate.  Yeah, because I'm sure that a lot of Chicago Bear players and personnel are going into that dealership to buy a car the day after a loss.  Good move.  I hope this comes back to bite you in the ass.