According to the Prince of Darkness himself, the original members of Black Sabbath are talking about a reunion tour which would also mean a brand new album.

Could it be?  Will we see a Black Sabbath reunion in our near future.  As of right now it looks like that scenario is very possible.  Ozzy recently told ABC news radio that the 4 original members, Osbourne, Toni Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward, have been talking about getting everyone back together and even recording a new album.  Osbourne also said one of the biggest things holding them back from doing the album is the crazy amount of pressure they would face putting one out.  I mean with albums like Paranoid, Sabotage, Black Sabbath Vol. 4 and of course my favorite, the self titled first album, they do have quite the reputation to live up too.

...the problem that we have is that if we do an album and it's anything less than where we left off, it's gonna be a big anticlimax.

-Ozzy Osbourne

A couple months ago Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler told AOL's Noise Creep that there is no Black Sabbath reunion in the foreseeable future, especially with Ozzy's current solo world tour.  Maybe this is a step in the right direction though.  I would love to hear new stuff from Sabbath.  The last stuff that Butler and Iommi did with the late Ronnie James Dio was terrific is the terms of the Dio era Sabbath so if they got together like they use too and wrote some more classics like War Pigs and Iron Man, I'm sure it wouldn't disappoint.  Sabbath fans everywhere would love to hear new stuff from the original god fathers of heavy metal.