Metal's mad man Ozzy Osbourne, who once bit the head off a bat has a soft side too. The recent documentary 'God Bless Ozzy' co-produced by his son Jack shows just how vulnerable he is.   Watch the video clip from the film and see how emotional Ozzy is when talking about the death of guitarist Randy Rhoads.



Jack Osbourne said in a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

We didn't want to give away everything...I had to put a producer hat on and also a son hat. At times, it would get difficult.

Both agreed that toughest material in the documentary is stuff about Ozzy as a parent when he was using drugs.

Everyone is very happy with the documentary for long time fans as well as new fans.

It’s a film that anyone can watch and enjoy," he says. "I think when you cut away and get down to the meat and bones of this, it’s a story about a working-class man trying to figure out who he is. Don’t be scared.
Jack Osbourne

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