Zachary J. Boynton had himself one heck of a day last Saturday. The 30-year-old Oneonta man was charged twice for DWI in the same day at the same place both times.

Boynton was first arrested when police responded to an accident in the parking lot of the State Route 30 McDonald's just before 1 AM. Police suspected he was drunk when he drove in to the backend of another vehicle in the drive-thru. He was issued a ticket and turned over to a friend or family member to be taken home.

That wasn't the end of Boynton's day of fun though.

No sooner than four hours later at 5 AM, a report came in to police of a vehicle hitting the McDonald's building then fleeing the scene. Police went to Boynton's house where they found vehicle with fresh damages to it.

Boynton was taken in to custody on suspicion of drunk driving. He was also taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for injuries believed to be related to the accident.

For the second time in day, Boynton was turned over to a friend or family member without bail required and charged again for DWI.