OK, I admit that I have done this, but apparently I'm not alone. A recent survey found that one in eight women have admitted to spending a pretty penny on an outfit only to return it the next day. Whether it be for a wedding, work event, date or just a night out with the girls, a new outfit can make you look and feel more confident, and when you return it and get your money back it makes it that much better. It sounds harmless but how seriously should this be taken, especially since the number of women who do this could be much higher and include those who won't admit to actually doing it.

The article, which surveyed 2,000 women, produced the following results:

  • One in eight women are guilty of committing this "crime" and many more are too ashamed to take the rep
  • The most common event women do this for is weddings, next to Christenings, holiday parties and black-tie events
  • Nearly half of the women surveyed (about 1,000) blamed their reasoning on money issues, while 18% said they did it because of the "high" or "buzz" it gave them
  • The most common age for women to do this is between 18 and 24
  • In order to conceal their fashion faux pas, women will tuck the tags of the outfit into any nook and cranny they can find
  • To make the outfit seem untouched, women will hang them outside or spray them with air freshener
  • The excuse women use for returning said outfit is that it simply "didn't fit" and refuse to exchange it
    for a different size

Going even deeper into the "fabric" of this story, seven percent of the women surveyed actually admitted to being sick in the outfit and six percent confessed to spilling a drink on it. Now that's a little bad, but not
something a little detergent and water won't fix! I'm just kidding, or am I?

I have done this once or twice and I don't see a real problem with it. As long as you don't do it often and take advantage of it then go ahead and splurge once in awhile. Some stores around the world are going to start
cracking down on returns and looking for signs of women who borrow their clothes. Some are already changing their return policies and are only accepting damaged items. But wait, how does this keep a crazed cheapo (such as myself) from purposely ruining the item? It's not known what will actually happen if a
person (men could just as easily do this) is caught doing this, as it is hard to prove, but the article states "offenders would be caught."

So next time you plan on doing this, be"wear" because you could be caught by the fashion police!