Seems like everything and everyone has their own holiday at some point in the year. Outside of the major ones (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, etc), it's tough to keep track - especially in June.

Here's what you could be celebrating this month, if you remember.

  • June 3rd - National Repeat Day

    National Repeat Day. National Repeat Day. National Repeat Day. National Repeat Day. National Repeat Day. National Repeat Day. National Repeat Day. National Repeat Day.

    Yep, repeat anything and everything all day long (even if it annoys everybody else)

    Flickr: Cyndy Sims Parr
  • June 5th - National Running Day

    Those passionate about running take to the streets to show off their love of running. Personally, I only run when necessary - like running from Zombies. But yeah - Running has a holiday.


    Flickr: Katie Harris
  • June 6th - National Yo-Yo Day

    In the late 1920's, Pedro Flores invented the childhood favorite and June 6th is a day to celebrate the toy that you probably smacked yourself in the face with several times growing up while trying to learn a trick or two.

    Flickr: Mike Tigas
  • June 7th - National Donut Day

    Believe or not, the Salvation Army started the holiday back in 1938 to help raise funds during the Great Depression. Today, it's just an excuse to eat an extra or two of the confectionery treat.

    Flickr: Phil King
  • June 8th - Pick Your Poison Day

    Pick your poison or "vice" this day and celebrate it, even excessivley. This could be playing video games, devouring a bag of chocalate chip cookies, etc. Unless of course it's some form of illegal drugs, then no - don't do that.

    Flickr: Murray Williams
  • June 15th - National Hollering Contest Day

    What started out in North Carolina in 1969 has become a national holiday of sorts. The holiday takes place on the third Sunday of June each year and test who had the loudest and heaviest holler.

    To celebrate - let a good one out, just make sure to pre-warn people near like golfers do with "Fore".

    Flickr: Evan Long
  • June 17th - National Eat Your Vegetables Day

    Yep - a day dedicated to what you hated doing as a child.

    Take an extra helping of Green Beans and soak up those extra vitamins - Remember, vegetables are good for you!

    Flickr: Martin Cathrae
  • June 18th - National Picnic Day

    Sure, it's a Tuesday this year but pack a picnic basket that Yogi Bear would enjoy and head out to the park or the closet thing to a park near you.

    There is surely nothing better than soaking up the sun while munching down on a sandwich and chips during a beautiful summer day.

    Flickr: Paul
  • June 21st - National Handshake Day

    Make sure it's a firm shake and say "hello" to everyone you know on the 21st. Just remember for all you germ-a-phobes out there, keep Purell handy.

    Flickr: SalFalko
  • June 22nd - National Onion Ring Day

    A deep-fried lovers paradise of a holiday. Order the extra large portion and munch down to celebrate.

    Flickr: Aine
  • June 22nd - National Color TV Day

    Though "boob tube" TVs are becoming a thing of the past with Flat Screen, etc - take a second on the 22nd to bask in the glory that is Color TV.

    Before the first full Color TV show was air in 1951 by CBS, everything was in Black & White. Can you imagine watching B&W HD now? Yikes.

    Flickr: cupprof