Serj Tankian talks about his new rock musical; A new Jimi Hendrix track is released; Zakk Wylde talks new Black Label Society album.

It's been 41 years since Jimi Hendrix died at such a young age and still we are getting new material out of the guy.  It seems as though he had stuff recorded and locked up in the vault so that we could still experience Hendrix even well into the new millennium.  Now a new Hendrix track has appeared and thanks to the good people at Rolling Stone we get to hear it.  the song is from 1967 and it's called "Cat talking To Me" and you can listen to the song right here. It's part of a new album being released later this month called Soul Southern Delta.  Along with that album they will also be releasing a live DVD of Hendrix and The Band Of Gypsies Live at the Fillmore East.  If that wasn't enough rare Jimi for you, then prepared to grab a vinyl single featuring an alternate version of "Fire" out just in time for record store day.

Serj Tankian has certainly been keeping busy since SOAD went on hiatus.  He even has a brand new rock musical out called "Prometheus Bound".  It just ended it's 5 week run at American Repertory Theater in Massachusetts on April 2 and Serj said it was a much different experience than doing a rock show. Now Serj didn't star in it, he wrote the music for the show and said it is a different experience sitting in the audience hearing someone else singing your words.  "Prometheus Bound" is a musical take on the classical Greek tragedy about Prometheus, then man who was punished by the god's for giving fire to humans.  No news if it will make a run anywhere else but I think it would be pretty sweet  if we got to see it here in the Capital Region.  To watch the 9 part video interview with Serj, head over to

Zakk Wylde had to go through a bit of a delay for the release of Black label Society's new album The Song Remains Not The Same but it looks like all the red tape has been cut and we will be hearing it and seeing it on May 10. The album included acoustic version of songs off of BLS's last album Order of the Black plus some pretty cool covers and even features country singer John Rich on one of the tracks.  BLS even returns to touring in North America in early may on Fuses Uranium Tour.  Check out the video below courtesy of Artisan News with Zakk talking about the new album.