As guys we can complain all we want about how much we don't enjoy Valentines Day, or what a rip off it is.  Bottom line is though, we have one day a year designated to be wonderful and today is not the day to screw it up.

I know that when I was in high school and college I would blow off Valentines Day without thinking twice.  Today though I am a new man and wouldn't blow it off.  Would I go crazy? No, but definitely wouldn't just toss it aside.  There is seriously only a few times a year that us men should be on our A game.  Our lady's birthday, Christmas and Valentines Day.  If we were to mess up these days it could lead to disaster.  It is easy however to avoid this potential fail just by being your charming self.

There is a certain way to operate on Valentines Day depending on how established your relationship is.  Make no mistake though, whether you have been together a few months or a few years the girl wants to be wowed.  Now if you're in a newish relationship you may not want to make too big a deal out of it because that may or may not frighten your girl away, which is not cool.  So talk it over with her, and make no mistake even if she says she doesn't want anything, get her some flowers.  Just make sure you get her opinion on what she wants to do.

Say you have been dating for a few months and you're in that disgusting love phase where you are all over each other, and we have all been there.  Valentines Day is going to be awesome for you.  You are most likely going to go a bit over the top, which is ok.  Just make sure not to go too crazy, because what if things don't work out?  This may be one of those occasions where it's good to get a Giant stuffed animal because she will think it's cute and at this point she just wants you anyway.

In an established relationship it is super important not to blow off today.  You see each other often, especially if you live together, so it's not like you have to blow the roof off or anything.  Doing something as simple as a home cooked meal is perfect.  The established relationship is the perfect one for jewelry.  A nice necklace, earrings maybe.  The experts say to try and stay away from Valentines Day proposals because it is very predictable. If you are going to go for it make it good.

The point is guys, we only have to shine a few times a year and Valentines Day is one of the ones where we can't F up.  So get out there and enjoy your Valentines Day whichever relationship you're in.