A Nickelback fan got tired of all the hate for the band lately that he created this video with a group of brave women standing up for a cause they believe in.  Based on a campaign done in 2009 by celebrities to stop the bullying, Brian Boye a independent film maker from Kansas City created NO H8 NB as in 'No Hate For Nickelback' but in the end, he still hates them too!

Stop the bullying - What stripper wants to dance to Maroon 5 anyway?? When I originally wrote the post, I was under the impression that Nickelback had something to do with this video, however it has come to my attention that it was created by Brian Boye. Still this is good stuff!!     Watch the video of women portraying themselves as strippers and standing up for Nickelback.

The best line:  'Listening to Nickelback, reminds me that I'm making six figures and working three days a week'