I have not been this mesmerized by a gift since I was a little kid but the Nintendo Wii is hands down one of the greatest inventions ever.

I have never really been a "gamer" per say, but I would dabble occasionally.   When I was younger Super Nintendo was the world.  Mario, Donkey Kong Country, Mega Man X, Zelda and that's just naming a few.  I use to have a  lot of fun with that.  Once I got older I wasn't really into video games like most people.  I had played Halo a few times and it was fun but I wasn't about to run out and buy it.

There were a few games worth investing in though.  I love Guitar Hero and Madden football, but I can still play those on my Play Station 2. Ha, take that video game world, I thought to myself, I have beaten your system and still don't need a new one!  Now the Wii caught my eye when it first came out, and after playing it several times I knew that if I were going to invest, this would be it. Thanks to my girlfriend's parents, there is no need. They got us a brand new Wii equipped with the all new Super Mario and Wii sports.  I can't shut it off. I can play golf in the winter, box and bowl all from my house. The first night we had it we were up until 1am playing around with it.  The new Super Mario game is just like when we were kids, side scrolling, Yoshi eating everything, you name it.  I have hit the jackpot.  Just when I thought I couldn't love the Wii anymore I downloaded the Netflix app to it.  It is safe to say I will not be leaving my apartment for a while.  Thank you Christmas. Next year, Wii rehab.