Looks like Nikki Sixx has a bone to pick with Sully Erna and the song that was not so flatteringly wrote about him.

After Godsmack's stint on Crue Fest 2, they left with kind of a sour taste in their mouth.  Front man Sully Erna says that Motley Crue didn't treat them very well and were mad at them for killing it every single night.  That inspired Sully to write Godsmack's hit song "Cryin' Like a Bitch".

Naturally that didn't sit very well with Nikki Sixx and he has been firing back ever since the song came out.  I was at Crue Fest 2 when it came to Saratoga and Godsmack totally stole the show from the Crue.  Of all the Crue shows I have been too I have to say that this was by far there worse performance. I can see the Crue maybe giving them a hard time about it too.  Having delt with both of these bands I have to say that the guys in Godsmack are class acts and Sully is 100% all about the music and his fans.  Motley Crue has talked to us on the phone, but when it comes to at the venue, they don't like to be bothered.  So as much as I love the Crue's music, I'm on Sully's side on this.

Nikki Sixx was asked by a fan on his facebook page about the whole situation with Erna and Godsmack and had this to say:

Every person from road crew,fans and even all the bands on the tour (including his band was so happy) but he just seems to be crying like a bitch....Funny,even his manager told me he's an asshole...Maybe the problem is just in HIS head....I got no problem with him.

I hope these guys let bygones be bygones and just rock.  I love both of these bands and it sucks to see them argue like this.  I don't care if Sully is making the whole thing up, I'm still going to crank up "Cryin' Like a Bitch"  as loud as it goes whenever it's on.