What a great opening week of big boy football!!! We saw some great games, unexpected winners, and even an overtime game.

I was impressed by the Bills shutting down the strong Colts offense, I thought the Rams looked good, and the battle of rookie quarterbacks between the Titans and Bucs was an unexpected blow-out.

The incident with Pac-Man Jones ripping off someones helmet and then hitting his head on it was bush league at best, but lets face it, we all love a big hit. Not that we are looking for injuries, we just like seeing someone get hit so hard snot flies out of their nose.

That being said, I will put some of the biggest and best hits from Sundays games together and get them posted so we can all revel in someone else's pain.

This week there is only one hit that deserves our attention and that is the hit put on QB Josh McCown from Cleveland. If you missed it, this is the one you can watch over and over and over ........