No news as to when we can expect a new Stone Sour album, but front man Corey Taylor explains that it could be a concept album.

Stone Sour is looking to follow up their third album, Audio Secrecy, with a new record in 2012.  Lead singer Corey Taylor told the Pulse of Radio that the new album will be a mix between the first 3 records and it will tell a story.

The thing I can say is that it's like little bits and pieces of the first three albums, but it's very dark. I've got a story . . . it's almost a concept album that I'm writing right now — and it might turn into a double album. There's a lot of really good material that we're all kinda coming up with and I'm really excited to get in to the studio and see what happens.

-Corey Taylor

Right now Stone Sour is in the writing process for their next album, which could be out next year.  Later this year a Stone Sour DVD will hit stores and it will be package with an EP of covers.  Stone Sour is set to play Rock in Rio this Saturday.