Since prohibition, small brewery's in New York have been at the mercy of beer distributors. Now, Governor Cuomo has made it easier for them to put their locally made beers in bars around the State.

It was proven by doctors at the beginning of the year that beer could actually benefit your health. Who are we to argue with doctors? They're all smart and stuff. What better way to get healthy than drinking a delicious local brew?

Thanks to our party loving Governor, it will now be easier for you - the consumer - to get to some of these Albany area craft beers. Since the time of prohibition, small brewers have had to take their products to distributors in order to get them out. They would have to pay them a fee. Now, a new law will allow them to take care of their own operations, and put their beers where they want.

That means that you could soon see great beers from Brown's, Ommegang, Saratoga, Saranac, Ithaca and more in local bars. It's a great day for beer lovers everywhere, or New York State.