I know a lot of people may have a resolution this year to be more active. The most common excuse I know is 'I don't have time.' That is completely understandable with today's society. With college-aged adults constantly hitting the books and working to pay for their beer fund, they can sometimes have difficulty trying to find time to get rid of the beer belly they've obtained through the months at school. It's even harder with families because today, children are involved in everything. So it's easy for the fitness priorities to fall to the bottom of the scale.

So how exactly do we prioritize the gym into our daily routines? There's a new website called GAIN Fitness. It's very handy for people that are always on the go.  It personalizes a workout for you and your needs, and it's free! All you have to do is customize how long you are working out for, if you will be at the gym or home, your goals, and your focus of the body. The best part is the process is very fast to use and extremely visual. You do not even have to log in at this point since website still is in the works, but I can already tell it has a lot of potential.

On that note, it's time to get my first work-out of the year in!