It seems like there is literally nothing you can't bet on these days. Look at the Super Bowl; Color of the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach, How long will the National Anthem, etc. If one Nevada senator has his way, federal elections will be the next thing you can  place a bet on.

Nevada State senator Tick Segerblom has introduced a bill that would legalize the betting of federal elections. He claims "They bet on our elections in England. They spend millions of dollars on the presidential elections."

Some gambling experts doubt there will much of a demand for election betting. Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, who places bets on American races, believes the contrary saying "we're seeing more and more people interested in having a punt on a wide range of topics."

Those who don't really gamble have a fear it will taint the elections. How so? Aren't they tainted enough just by the candidates themselves?